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While it is possible to strengthen aerofoils and use generators of larger capacity within wind turbines to capture the energy at higher wind speeds. It would increase the cost and carbon footprint of energy production.

Energy can be stored independently to the source of production but that implies an oversupply in some periods to boost supply during periods of peak demand or for short periods when the wind speed drops. Such energy storage systems are not cheap and also have a carbon footprint, increasing the overall carbon footprint of energy production.

The approach outlined for the novel VAWT enabling wind energy to be stored kinetically dramatically increases energy production pro rata to generator capacity, reducing the need for external energy storage systems. The system could for example run at reduced generation capacity, storing energy kinetically ensuring higher demand can be met for a period even if the wind speed dropped.

Combining the above with the potential to extract a lot more energy per unit area is a means of significantly reducing the carbon footprint of energy production. I hope you will support the concept.

This planet is our home and our childrens future. what legacy do you wish to leave?

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By Guy Mercer

B.Sc. Mechanical Engineering Inventor of the novel approach for VAWTs

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