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Carbon emissions must be reduced in spite of energy consumption increasing It is vital that a better way of producing energy is deployed !

Please help by spreading the word: Sharing a link to this website would be great. Mention to your friends on social media. If you control a website put a comment and a link to this site. You may the one to link us to the serious investor.

Lets all push together for our planet!

Investors, you are needed. Help save our environment and get a return.

Investment is vital. Sponsorship and government aid would also be most useful so please ask your local and national government representatives to ensure that the system is fully evaluated and its development supported.

It is vital that the system is developed such that economies of scale can be employed to drive down costs and emissions. Potentially reducing power costs and emissions by 20% below other approaches. The financial and environmentally justifications are clear to replace combustion for electricity production with this wind powered system world wide.

Land owners. . . . Do you have a plot on which a prototype could be built? Be rewarded by a share in the value of power it could generate.

A skilled team is needed. Does an existing wind turbine manufacturing organisation wish to expand its potential? Is a new team to be created?

Partners are needed. Are you in or would you like to be involved in the renewable energy sector? Would you distribute the power generated?

Sub-contractors are needed for a whole range of functions in manufacture and installation.

The benefits of the system ( aerodynamic and kinetic energy buffering ) are only gained with units of relatively large scale. It is practical to construct a prototype in the order of 10 MW, which is about 1/5 full-scale. This could be land based. Scaling up following such a prototype could proceed in steps up to full size units in the order of 375 MW. These ratings are based on wind speeds of 11 m/s. As an indication of wind energy project scales: An existing 714 MW wind farm consisting of 102 HAWTs each of 7 MW is costed at £2.5 billion.

Crowd funding for prototypes:

Multiple small sums Invested separately in a prototype unit (of about 1/5 full-scale, approximately 10MW), followed by other potentially large units & rewarded proportionally by the energy each produces is a potential option, subject to the level of interest and an appropriate legal framework.

Any help from any source is most welcome. Lets all push together for our planet!

Other Help:

Where ever you are as individual customers for all sorts of goods from around the world you have tremendous influence. . . . . A bit similar to the “fair Trade ideal” . . . . looking beyond just price. . . . what for example would be the effect of boycotting goods and services from countries which used combustion to generate electricity …. unless the production company could demonstrate that they had a green energy source? Jointly you can create a lot of economic leverage to encourage countries to use green energy and preferable wind energy.

Likewise it is vital that energy producers use this method so please ask your energy suppliers to fully evaluate its integration alongside the significant investments made with respect to traditional wind turbines currently in use. Check with them “what is their source of electricity supply?” and let them know that you will switch suppliers if they remain linked to a system that uses combustion processes.

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